Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why This Blog is Awesome

You may be thinking: "Silly Stacy, there are a million food blogs out there, some even run by professional chefs. Why should I listen to your paltry advice on cooking?"

Well, skeptical reader, here are a few reasons:

Are you a college student or twenty-something who has suddenly found yourself in possession of a kitchen for the first time?

Do you get home from class/work and want to eat something delicious but don't have the time or energy for something fancy?

Do you like to eat healthy in general but despise words like "tofu" and "quinoa" and those who use them?

Are you broke?

Then this blog is for you!

The purpose of this blog is to help out all you poor unfortunate souls who think cooking has to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. It's for those college students and twenty-somethings who are cooking for one and don't have a lot of time or money to make something delicious. It's for people who like to eat healthy in general, but will not turn down a good steak or chocolate cake every once in a while. Amateur cooks, rejoice! There is hope for you yet.

What you can do with this blog:

1) Explore recipes that are uncomplicated, inexpensive, fast, mostly healthy, DELICIOUS, and intended for 1-2 people. Some are Stacy originals, and others are half-assed compilations of great recipes I found online.

2) Watch as I attempt to take simple recipes names and make them sound fancier than they actually are. Mac and cheese? Pshaw! It's Pasta and Fromage Gratin!

3) Look at pretty pictures of my recipes taken masterfully by my iPhone camera. Extra bonus of the occasional finger in the corner or hair shadow.

4) Enjoy my highly insightful and intellectual commentary on all things food related.

I love to hear suggestions and feedback (as long as it's about how kick ass this blog is) so feel free to shout out! Happy cooking :)


  1. What the hell is quinoa? I'm very excited about this blog. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get Disqus or twitter comments.

  2. this blog in one phrase: kick ass