Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food Network Fridays: Sandra Lee!

One of the best ways to learn how to cook if you are a beginner is to watch other people cook. You can either peep into strangers' kitchen windows, or you can watch the Food Network!

I can't even tell you how many people I have converted to this channel. There is something oddly soothing about watching various personalities cook for you, and there are some really great tips. Every show offers gems of cooking advice buried under the humorous idiosyncrasies of the host, and it's up to you to separate the useful from the crap!

To introduce you to the awesome and surprisingly entertaining world of the Food Network, I am going to start a series called Food Network Fridays. Every other Friday I will showcase a different show on the Food Network for you to set your DVR to record.

And, to make it more fun for the weekend, I will also include a handy dandy drinking game each time to help you get to know each show!

This week, I am going to start with Sandra Lee. Her recipes are so easy and un-chef-like that they are perfect for a beginner cook. Bottoms up, everybody!

Shows: Semi-Homemade Meals and Money-Saving Meals.

  • Sandra's recipes are super easy to follow.
  • Sandra somehow manages to be a MILF even though she doesn't have any children!
  • Sandra loves to drink. In fact, she appears intoxicated for much of her shows.

  • Sandra's recipes are so easy they are barely recipes. It's more assembly than it is cooking.
  • Sometimes her recipes are horrible. Observe as Sandra tries to choke down one of her own drink concoctions, a heinous mixture of lemonade, heavy cream, and vodka:
  • She designs hideous abominations called "tablescapes" in which she gathers up as much cheap crap as she can from the craft store to transform her kitchen to match her recipe theme. Viewers, beware.

Sandra Lee Drinking Game:
  • Take a drink every time Sandra says "super, super simple russipe!"
  • Take a drink every time Sandra forces her sister's children to appear on her show or refers to herself as "Aunt Sandy."
  • Take a drink every time Sandra uses a seasoning packet and talks about how it is full of lots of great flavors.
  • Take a drink if Sandra's shirt matches her kitchen equipment matches her drapes.
  • Take a drink for every tablespoon of Cool Whip Sandra uses.
  • Take a drink every time Sandra say "rrrrich and duhLISHus!"
  • On Money-Saving Meals, take a drink every time Sandra's math just doesn't quite seem to add up right.
  • And finally, take a drink every time Sandra takes a drink. It's cocktail time, everyone!

Did you give Sandra Lee a try? Do you have any other additions to the Sandra Lee drinking game? Feel free to comment, and have a happy weekend!


  1. Hey Stacy, I was glad to see you put some Google Ads up on here. I try to click on your advertisers sometimes, just for kicks. Anyway, today's add came with a pleasant surprise: The spokesman for RedGold tomotoes is kind of cute, ridiculous poncho/sombrero and all.

  2. Awww Sandre Lee is nice thoughh :)) The drinking game sounds like fun; Im gonn ahave to try it sometime :))