Friday, August 6, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Pie

I help run events at my apartment complex and today was "Friday Pie-Day!" Woo hoo!

I thought it would be fun to make my own pie to contribute to the store bought ones we provided, so I decided to make my super easy, no-bake Chocolate Truffle Pie. After all, no one wants a Pie Fail.

The beauty of this pie recipe is that the chocolate filling can morph into many different desserts. You can keep it in its warm, liquid form as chocolate fondue for the dipping of fruits, poundcake, and your fingers. I bought an adorable mini fondue set and used the SAME RECIPE!

You can also use it while it's warm as a delicious "glue" to stick fruit onto desserts, like I did for these mini brownie bites and cheesecakes for my boyfriend's graduation. The chocolate hardens when it cools and holds the berries to the cake part.

Finally, you can refrigerate the filling and shape it into actual truffles with a melon baller. Fancy pants!

The pie itself is absolutely delicious and extremely easy to make. Give it a try!

Food Porn Description: One bite of this decadent pie fills your mouth with rich, luscious dark chocolate. So smooth and creamy it melts away in your mouth, the bite ends with a crispy, crunchy fireworks display from the chocolate graham cracker crust.

  • 1 chocolate graham cracker pie crust. You can find these right in the baking aisle.
  • 3 tbsp. butter. Make Paula Deen proud.
  • 1 3/4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips. I buy the mini chips cause they melt faster.
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
Just five ingredients! As you can see, this pie is basically a heart attack on a plate. But everyone needs to indulge every once in a while, right? ;)

You can also experiment with the pie by adding different flavored extracts (raspberry, mint, cinnamon, etc.) Have fun with your pie!


Add chocolate chips, cream, butter, and vanilla to a saucepan over medium heat.

Stir continuously until the mixture is melted and smooth, which takes about five minutes or so. This will prevent it from burning.

Pour the mixture into your pie crust and pop it in the fridge for at least four hours to set (overnight is even better.)

Cut a slice, top with some whipped cream, and enjoy! The pie is unbelievably rich, so just a small slice will do...for now.....


  1. move home and cook for me. Please. Dan doesn't appreciate you like I would!

  2. I made this for a party this weekend, and it was a HUGE hit! Everyone absolutely LOVED it. I highly, highly recommend this recipe. :)